Poetic Justice

Since this website has become a hybrid of enhanced subjectivity from the inner workings of my mind, I thought I’d share my poem. It’s personal and I wasn’t sure whether it was ready for human consumption, but whether you digest or judge I will be eternally grateful for your time…

my current thoughts:

to enjoy the honey
you need the bees
keep your money
i want my trees

will your college degree
help enlighten me?
allow the eye to see
you are truly free

you try to imitate
but can you relate
a virtue of patience
my response to experience

it is not a sin
to love yourself
seek within
to know thyself

don’t be mentally blind
you are not confined
open your mind
there you will find

let me elaborate
it is innate
to elevate

let’s raise the vibration
of this nation
of this humanity

you perceive it as individuality
but the shadow of difference is similarity
criticizing each other
but he is your brother

please remember this
ignorance is never bliss
you cannot reminisce
of past prejudice

there is more
locked inside
if you dare to explore
where i secretly hide



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