on my lunch hour, i like to walk towards the beach and observe life…well people, mostly. it’s crazy how much people can reflect their environment. thick, heavy makeup plastered on faces like never ending infrastructures being built to cover nature’s beauty. high-end stores from the ground up. labels from head to toe. even coffee cups wear labeled sleeves. cuffed wrists with technology bling to remind how much time they can allocate in long lines. anxious consumers. stressed baristas. fast-paced.¬†on rare occasions i catch a glimpse of sad, lost eyes and i wonder what’s causing so much pain? is it from your leather bag heavily filled with materials that can never satisfy the empty gap? is it from the 4 inch stilettos causing you to wobble on the concrete street? maybe from the yearning to belong? i feel it’s from the confusion from trying to become what you already are. you crave beauty because you are beauty. humanity in its natural state is beautiful.


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