Organic Vegan Spaghetti

You pretty much have to make everything from scratch when you work with clients that have various health concerns. Also, it saddens me that health food has a bad rep for not being tasty…working with different herbs and spices from all around the world has taught me how to intensify any dish with mind blowing flavors. Personal research has taught me that meat is toxic to the body so I make only vegan dishes for my clients. I also only use organic ingredients because it is better for us and for our planet. This Organic Vegan Spaghetti was made with the highest quality and mostly local ingredients. Spices used are fair-trade which supports developing countries with housing, health care, education, better working conditions for the farmers and sustainable practices. Anyhow, I would just like to remind you all to pursue your God given talents; may it be art, music, cooking, etc. My soul craved so much more than working in meaningless jobs and my ultimate goal in life is and always was to help others. So here is my contribution to the positive progress of this realm.


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