I Care

When are people going to understand that healthcare cannot coexist in a plutocratic, ┬ácapitalistic economy? So many lies have been told to confuse us. I understand it’s intimidating to see the lies behind the white coat and fancy diplomas but think! Why is allopathic, symptoms being treated, therefore working against the body rather than naturopathic, getting to the root cause of the illness and working with the body more acceptable in the so called healthcare institution?

Why don’t they focus more on prevention rather than taking action once a patient becomes ill? Our lifestyle and behavior brings us to chronic, complicated, lifelong or life shortening illnesses that are extremely expensive to treat and the sad truth is it’s not all our fault. Pathogens are lurking in the water, the soil, our food, embedded in our minds, the very air we breathe, therefore hitting the jackpot for sick care!

The greatest disease is not of the body but of the mind and the only disease is the inability to understand that YOU can heal yourself.

Drink non-fluoridated water (fluoride calcifies your pineal gland). Eat clean food (food is information, therefore they will lace mainstream food with toxic ingredients to block you from achieving knowledge so that you continue to be a mindless robot under their command). Get enough exercise. Get proper sleep. Meditate (know thyself). Stimulate your mind. Be mindful and live in the moment. Surround yourself with positivity and with that I write you a poem:

Thriving for equilibrium
In the pathogenesis of capitalism
Through the monetary system
Distracting our innate wisdom

Truth is substituted usually
For authority
Misdiagnosed intentionally
Infecting the mind with pathology

When are we going to realize
Our illness is their price
Like the earth they tyrannized
Your health is being monopolized

Don’t let the evil intimidate
Through manipulation
Don’t let the wicked dominate
This nation

We must unite
And united we fight
To make the wrongs right
For the future to be bright


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