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I’m often in my kitchen creating when I feel overwhelmed with the current situation of society. Cooking is meditation to me…it frees my thoughts from the hate crimes going on between deceived individuals who forgot that they are human beings, using the illusion of race and labeling themselves by the color of their skin.

I feel so detached from the system…the other day I got a grim message from a patient telling me that her physician advised her to not seek the help of naturopaths, like the ones I work for, because they’ll only give her herbs that will harm her…yet the same physician is prescribing her beta blockers and warfarin with more side effects than alleviation of symptoms.

I can’t even begin to express how displeased I am with how corrupt health “care” insurances are…they have been perverted and manipulated by greedy elites driven by money. A few days ago I was at a party and me being someone who does not need community acceptance as an intrinsic factor to give me identity was the only one against GMOs.

They tried to force feed me that GMOs were created to stop world hunger. It’s sad. They are not uneducated but rather miseducated…GMOs were created because Monsanto wanted their round up patented seed to sell to farmers and sometimes cross-pollination occur and when it does they can sue farmers for patent infringement.

Anyway, I’m getting too deep into it. There is a crisis of consciousness and conditioning. There is a lack of intellectual vision possibly due to calcified pineal glands. We are at the age of information and i think it’s time that we do some serious critical thinking instead of trusting authority.


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